IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 2015

Hello Readers, today I will share my IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 2015  with you. This is my first Interview but I really enjoyed my first interview. Forget everything whenc you enter in room just be confident, honest and keep smile on your face. Before interview I was very afraid thinking( pta nhi kya hoga , kya puchegen ). but after interview i felt m to asie hi tension le rhi thi yar….so be cool guys. Now I tell you what they asked and what I answered, everything,,,,

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IBPS Clerical Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers

In this post,we will provide you with the list of Questions that are asked by IBPS Panel During Interview.These are the answer given by Engineering Background People who are working in the banks.

IBPS  Clerical Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers :

Ques:1)Why banking after engineering ?
Ans:1) Banking is one of the fastest growing sector in india. i have always seen potential in banking sector.Bank providing wide range of career opportunities for graduates.so i want to take an opportunity.

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IBPS interview Panel for Clerks and PO

Hello readers, today we’ll share everything about IBPS interview Panel for Clerks and PO Interviews.

What is IBPS : Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous agency in India, which started its operation in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services (PSS).In 2011, IBPS announced a Common Written Examination (CWE) for the selection Officers and Clerks in Indian banks.

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5 most common IBPS Interview Questions

Hello Readers, At the moment, you are going to IBPS  interview. You should not miss this golden chance to grab your dream clerk job in bank and of course you would not be. So, today we are going to discuss top 5 Most Common IBPS Interview Questions. 

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Professional knowledge capsule for IT officer Exam

IBPS IT Officer Exam will be conducted on the tentative dates. The Professional knowledge capsule for IT officer Exam will provide a boost to the study as all the topics are provided in a proper manner and weightage to the topics are given according the weightage of questions asked on that topic in IBPS IT officer exam.The topics like DBMS is given more weightage as about 15 to 20 questions will be asked from this topic.In the same way less important topics are given less preference.Only basic of those topics is considered.

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IBPS IT Officer Exam Capsule

IBPS IT Officer Exam is conducted every year by IBPS.Here is the link to download the IBPS exam Roll no:

Click Here To Download Roll no for IBPS SO EXAM


Professional Knowledge capsule for  IBPS IT Officer Exam is prepared by our team.The effort is to provide you a with a study material so that you can easily clear the exam.In this PDF we have covered two main topics i.e DBMS and Computer Networks which will cover more that Half portion of the IT officer Exam syllabus.This capsule will be beneficial for all other IT officer exams.

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IBPS HR officer Exam Capsule

IBPS HR officer Exam Capsule cover the topics such as Scope and functions of HR ,Industrial Relation ,trade union in India,Job Analysis,Job Description job specifications,function of HR Manager.

best books for IBPS PO exam
                      IBPS HR officer Exam Capsule

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Reaction of market on Repo Rate Reduction

Reaction of market on Repo Rate Reduction :

The Reserve Bank of India (or RBI), India’s central bank, surprised the financial world  by unexpectedly reducing its key interest rate.The RBI reduced the repo rate by 25 basis points (or bps)to 7.75% on January 15, 2015. One basis point is 1/100 of 1%, so 1% equals 100 bps. The repo rate is the rate at which the RBI lends money to Indian commercial banks. Changes in the rate also signal an increase or decrease in rates to commercial banks. A reduced rate by the central bank is cue for commercial banks to reduce their rates. It will lead to more money in the hands of the consumer and greater spending. It is a positive for the Indian economy.
Why the Reserve Bank of India cut the repo rate

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