IBPS Clerical Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers

In this post,we will provide you with the list of Questions that are asked by IBPS Panel During Interview.These are the answer given by Engineering Background People who are working in the banks.

IBPS Clerical Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers :

Ques:1)Why banking after engineering ?
Ans:1) Banking is one of the fastest growing sector in india. i have always seen potential in banking sector.Bank providing wide range of career opportunities for graduates.so i want to take an opportunity.

Ques:2)Why banking after engineering ?

Ans.When i was doing my B-Tech that time i realized coding(For IT & CSE) and it sector is not my cup of tea.I can only survive there for sure but won’t able to attain any growth.In the same way other stream people can can put their thoughts.

Other Answer can be:

2)In india most of the engineering jobs are just copying and pasting and managing the already existing softwares.How many engineers in a MNC are really doing a technical job?They are just monitoring data sitting on the table like a fool.So if bank is providing the same job with a good managerial oppurtunities why not to grab it?Being an Engineer we are compelled to work in any field for developmennt of our country.An engineer can be a teacher,a social worker,a banker,Politician,Businessman,tech savvy,writer etc.Thus after doing engineer we get eligible for lots of different jobs,thus no wastage of money,time and service.Going in banking will be a good use of money,time and service.

Ques:3)what’s the use of your engineering in banking?

Sir, Engineering back ground people are very good in mathematics ,they are the people who can use technology well and understand Information technology well.So,If I have given a chance to work with the bank,I will able to sort small technical issues which sometimes creates a lot of trouble in the rush hours.I can use technology to connect local people to the bank with the help of social media and other techniques which I have learnt during Engineering.

These are IBPS Clerical Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers .These are questions that are asked from candidates.If you have any question in your mind,Please ask your questions in comments.