IBPS IT Officer Exam Capsule

IBPS IT Officer Exam is conducted every year by IBPS.Here is the link to download the IBPS exam Roll no:

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Professional Knowledge capsule for IBPS IT Officer Exam is prepared by our team.The effort is to provide you a with a study material so that you can easily clear the exam.In this PDF we have covered two main topics i.e DBMS and Computer Networks which will cover more that Half portion of the IT officer Exam syllabus.This capsule will be beneficial for all other IT officer exams.

Topics covered in this edition are:

1.Database Management System (15-20 Questions out of 50 questions)

  • Relational database Management system
  • Normalization
  • Overview of SQL queries
  • E-R Diagrams
  • Transactional Management

2.Data Communication and networking (10-15 Questions out of 50 questions)

  • Network Architecture
  • OSI Model
  • TCP-IP Model
  • Data Communication
  • I-P Addressing

These two topics are covering around half of the IT officer’s Exam syllabus.So here is the download link for IBPS IT Officer Exam Capsule

Click Here to Download IBPS IT Officer Exam Capsule

This is our first effort.Our only motive is to help People who are in search of some good study material for the IBPS IT officer exam.For other IBPS Special Officers Exam,We have prepared a Capsule for HR officers.Check it out.

Click Here to Download IBPS HR officer Exam Capsule

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please check our site daily for the updated GK content.We will working on the remaining part syllabus for IT officer Exam and will upload the content soon into our site soon.Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂