5 most common IBPS Interview Questions

Hello Readers, At the moment, you are going to IBPSinterview. You should not miss this golden chance to grab your dream clerk job in bank and of course you would not be. So, today we are going to discuss top 5Most Common IBPS Interview Questions.

5 Most Common IBPS Interview Questions.

1. Tell me about yourself: This is the most common interview question asked in every interview. speak confidently tell them your name, qualification ( start with highest qualification) , about your family and thinks you like in brief( with in 1-2 mint). The best way to approach this is to discuss what your interests are relating to the job and why your background makes you a great candidate.

2.What are your strengths:while taking about strenghts Ensure that you highlight only those areas which are useful from the organization’s point of view only. I am good at team work and fluent in communicating with others. you can also add that you are hardworking, self-motivated and honest person.

3. What are your weaknesses:let talk about weaknesses, This is a tricky one. In this area you need have to highlight your biggest strength else you’ll lose your chance. Suppose if you are very good in English, then say, in my early days in was very weak in communicating in English, but I have been working on it for some time now and now you can see that I have made a decent efforts.

4. Why do you want to join banking sector:To answer this question, you can say something like –“I want to join this industry because it can provide me a stable career with good growth prospects. It is one of the fastest growing sectors of the nation and provides great career opportunities. There could be many other reasons for you wanting to join the bank industry for e.g. it is an honest organization, good working conditions, chances to directly interact with public etc. The choice of reason could be anything that suits you as a person. This is a very commonly asked question.

5. Why should we hire you:This is the area where you will have to sell your skills. Put a lot of stress on your academics and work experience so that they are bound to select you. Stay calm throughout your answer so that they cannot make out that you are under pressure.

There are many questions that are thrown in the interview chamber to a candidate who clears the written exam and becomes eligible for the interview session. But discussed here five most common questions asked in every IBPS Clerk interview to every aspirants. So we advised to the readers that prepare yourself for these 5 questions before going to IBPS interview. The answers we are giving you here is only our view, you can prepare and ask yourself what should it would be.

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