IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz – 12

Hii Friends , We are starting an IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz series.This will be very fruitful for upcoming IBPS specialist Officer (IT) exam.All the questions are carefully selected according to the syllabus of Specialist officer (IT) Exam.IT knowledge will be very important for exam perspectives as it will cover the major marks portion.Professional knowledge will be of 75 Marks.There will be 50 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each.So here is the Quiz :

Q.1 A router:
A. Forwards a packet to the next free outgoing link
B. Determines on which outgoing link a packet is to be forwarded
C. Forwards a packet to all outgoing links
D. Forwards a packet to all outgoing links, except the link upon which the packet originated.

Q.2 Each item in a linked list is called
A. Element
B. Information
C. Data
D. Node

Q.3 A tree having a main node, which has no predecessor is-
A. Spanning tree
B. Rooted tree
C. Weighted tree
D. All of the above

Q.4 Packet transmission is related to
A. Application layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Transport layer

Q.5 The……………… Component is not present is every router.
B. Bootstrap program
C. Mini-IOS

Q.6 Which of the following is easiest software development model
A. Waterfall Model
B. Prototyping
C. Interactive Enhancement
D. Spiral model

Q.7 Which of the following is the function of loader beside loading?
A. Allocation
B. Linking
C. Relocation
D. All of the above

Q.8 Which of the following term is related to top down parsing?
A. Shift
B. Reducing
C. Left recursion
D. Precedence

Q.9 When we search from Google, what should be prefixed to search keyword so that search results are all from one website:
A. web:
B. site:
C. Search:
D. Noneother:

Q.10 The OSPF was created to overcome the drawbacks that………….. Faced.

Key :

1.b |2.d |3.b |4.c |5.c |6.a |7.d |8.c |9.b |10.c |

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Apart from this,You can also check some very decent books which really provide a good boost to the study Preprations.

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