IT Officer Exam Quiz-2

Hii Friends,We are starting anIT Officer Exam Quiz series.This will be very fruitful for upcoming IBPS specialist Officer (IT) exam.All the questions are carefully selected according to the syllabus of Specialist officer (IT) Exam.IT knowledge will be very important for exam prepectives as it will cover the major marks portion.Professional knowledge will be of 75 Marks.There will be 50 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each.So here is the Quiz :

Q.1 PEM (privacy enhanced email )
A. Covers same territory as PGP
B. Is privacy and authentication for Red 822 based email system
C. Message sent using PEM are first converted to a canonical form so they all have same convention about white space
D. All of the above

Q.2 In a stack, which instructions are used

Q.3 Overloaded functions in c++
A. Are a group of functions with the same name
B. All have the same name and arguement
C. May fail unexpectedly due to stress
D. None

Q.4 Boye code normal form (BCNF) is needed when :
A. Two non key attributes are dependent
B. There is more than one possible composite key
C. There are two or more possible composite over lapping keys and one attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of another composite key
D. There are two possible keys and they are dependent on one another

Q.5 In bridge
A. LANs are connected by bridge
B. It operates in data link layer
C. Bridge used to connect LAN in six ways
D. All of the above

Q.6 when a bad frame is received, the frame relay service
A. Simply receive it
B. Simply discard it
C. Provide acknowledgment
D. All of the above

Q.7 The computer language generally translated to pseudo codes is
A. Assembly language
B. Machine language
C. Pascal language
D. Pl/I language

Q.8 The logical data structure with one to many relationship is a
A. Network
B. Tree
C. Chain
D. Relational

Q.9 In E-R diagrams the term cardinality is a synonym for the term-
A. Attribute
B. Degree
C. Entities
D. Cartesian

Q.10 A collection of fields is called a record with respect to DBMS , a record corresponds to
A. Tuple
B. Relation
C. File
D. Attribute

Key :1.d |2.c |3.a |4.c |5.d |6.b |7.a |8.c |9.b |10.a|

Here is the Link for downloading the complete Professional knowledge capsule for IT officer Exam:

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Apart from this,You can also check some very decent books which really provide a good boost to the study Preprations.

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