Haryana Gk Quiz

Hiii Friends,Sorry for not interacting to you guys for such a long time,but now we are back and will provide you guys with all the relevant competition exam material ,notes and quizes .In this post we have started Haryana GK Quiz specially for the students of Haryana as there are lot of job openings in Haryana government , for that Haryana GK is very important aspect,We will provide you with GK Quiz and other Important notes important things related to Haryana competitive exams. So here is the Haryana GK Quiz , We will follow up this with many others.

Q. 1 Haryana panchayat raj act came into force on?
A. 22nd April 1994
B. 22nd April 1992
C. 20th May 1994
D. 20th May 1992

Q.2 Total number of districts in Haryana are?
A. 24
B. 21
C. 25
D. 19

Q. 3 Which among the following districts of Haryana has highest literacy rate?
A. Hissar
B. Faridabad
C. Gurgaon
D. Panipat

Q. 4 Mamta kharab is associated with the game of?
A. Cricket
B. Boxing
C. Wrestling
D. Hockey

Q. 5 which of the following are not the popular folk dance of Haryana?
A. Phag dance
B. Loor dance
C. Gamar dance
D. Jhumar dance

Q. 6 Which of the following district of Haryana is famous as “little Cuba” in India?
A. Rohtak
B. Jind
C. Bhiwani
D. Hissar

Q. 7 Who designed the high Court building of Chandigarh?
A. Edwin Lutyens
B. Le Corbusier
C. Laurie baker
D. Mark Spaeth

Q.8 The state forest policy aims at achieving how much of forest cover?
A. 33%
B. 10%
C. 13%
D. 20%

Q.9 The main presence of Aravalli hills is found in the district of
A. Ambala
B. Rohtak
C. Gurgaon
D. Yamunanagar

Q. 10 Who is the current Governor of Haryana?
A. A. R Kidwai
B. Jagan Nath Pahadia
C. Kaptan Singh Solanki
D. Banarsi Das Gupta

Key :1.a |2.b |3.c |4.d |5.c |6.c |7.b |8.b |9.c |10.c|

There are some very good books for the preparation of Haryana GK.We are providing some links here for thorough reading:

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