Haryana GK for PGT Screening Test

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Hi Friends,As the Haryana Govt Exams have started so we thought we should provide some exam related GK which will not only improve your knowledge but chance of getting these questions in the exam is also very.So here is Haryana GK for PGT Screening Test.

Haryana GK for PGT Screening Test

Q.1 Present Army Cheif General Dalbir Singh Suhag is belong to district
a. Jhajjar
b. karnal
c. Gurgaon
d. Rewari

Q.2 Not only to check the growth of population, but also to improve the male-female ratio, which of the following project is being launched by the state govt.?
a. Devi-Rupak-Project
b. Indira-Hareli-Saheli-Project
c. Farlo Project
d. Bhagyodaya

Q.3 According to the census of 2011, which district in Haryana has the highest number of women?
a. Gurgaon
b. Karnal
c. Bhiwani
d. Faridabad

Q4. According to area, which is the biggest district of Haryana?
a. Bhiwani
b. Rewari
c. Jind
d. jhajjar

Q.5 Who was the first Governor of Haryana State?
a. Birendra Narayan Chakravarty
b. Sh. Bansi Lal
c. Sh. Dharamvir
d. None of these

Q.6 A market economy is one in which
a. Products are sold
b. Product and factors are bought
c. Product factors are bought and sold
d. All of these

Q.7 Which of the following cities will host the final match of 2016 world cup twenty-20 cricket match
a. London
b. Kolkata
c. Johannesburg
d Sydney

Q.8 When did Mr. Attlee, Prime Minister of England, announce the transfer of power to the Indians?
a. Feb,1947
b. Aug,1947
c. June,1948
d. June,1949

Q.9 The preamble to aur constitution includes all. except
a. Adult Franchise
b. Equality of status
c. Fraternity
d. Justice

Q.10 In which district Barkhal lake is situated ?
a. Gurgaon
b Bhiwani
c. Faridabad
d. Rohtak

Q.11 In which district of Haryana, maximum forested area is available ?
a. Yamunanager
b. Hissar
c. Rohtak
d. Jind

Q.12 The total number of divisions ( civil) in Haryana is
a. Four
b. Five
c. Six
d. Eight

Q.13 Which of the following newspapers was published by Pt. Nekiram Sharma?
a. Sanwakhak
b. Sandesh
c. Niwaran
d. Wani

Q.14 For the benefit of “Poor Girls” which plan is activated in Haryana?
a. Apni Beti Apna Dhan
b. Apni Beti Paraya Dhan
c. Paraya Dhan Parayi Beti
d. Indira Saheli Yojana

Q.15 First novel written in Haryanvi language is
a. Heru-ki-kahin
b. Dan Lila
c. Surahi Gaiya
d. Jhadufiri

Q.16 Painted Grey clay pots were found in the culture of
a. Vedic Period
b. Indus Valley Civilization
c. Siswal Civilization
d. Non of these

Q.17 Big turban of Rajput style worn in Haryana state is called
a. Safa
b. Cap
c. Paag
d. Dohra

Q.18 Thaneshwar was the capital city of the kingdom of one of the following famous kings:
a. Harshwardhan
b. Ashok
c. Chandragupta Vikramaditya
d. Kanishka

Q.19 Sandeep Singh is associatedwith
a. Cricket
b. Wrestling
c. Hockey
d. Volleyball

Q.20 According to Haryana Governments Sports Policy,2015 how much amount of money will be given to gold medal winner in the Asian games?
a. Rs. 1 crore
b. Rs. 3 crores
c. Rs. 2 crores
d. Rs. 50 lakhs

Q.21 Where is the Fort of Karna situated
a. Bhiwani
b. Thanesar
c. Sonipat
d. Karnal

Q.22 Which of the following educationist is related to project method of teaching ?
a. John Dewey
b. Max Rafti
c. B.F.Skinner
d. D.E.L Thorndike

Q.23 Which theory is not included in the general theories of syllabus for the students ?
a. Child-Centered
b. Creative
c. Telepathy
d. Towards Future

Q.24 If child does cheating in your class then what will u do
a. will punish him
b. Will inform his parents
c. Will inform the principal
d. Will try to find out the reason behind it

Q.25 Who was the first English President of the Indian National Congress?
a. Geoge Yule
b. William Wedderburn
c. A.O. Hume
d. Henry Cotton

Q.26 Which of the following diseases anti body cannot cure?
a. Leprosy
b. Tetanus
c. Measles
d. Cholera

Q.27 A pendrive is
a. A fixed secondary storage unit
b. A magnetic secondary storage unit
c. A removable secondary storage unit
d. None of the above

Q.28 Blue colour of the sky is due to
a. Scattering of light
b. Dispersion of light
c. Interference of light
d. Emmision of more blue light as compare to other colours of the sun

Q.29 Broze in an alloy of
a. Copper and Tin
b. Copper and Silver
c. Copper and Zinc
d. Copper and Lead

Q.30 What is the rank of Haryana in terms of GDP in India ?
a. 1
b. 3
c. 4
d. 2

Key : 1.c |2.a |3.b |4.b |5.d |6.a |7.c |8.d |9.c|10.a|11.a|12.a|13.b|14.a|15.d|16.a|17.a|18.a|19.c|20.b|21.d|22.c|23.c|24.d|25.a|26.a|27.c|28.a|29.a|30.d |

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