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Tamilrockers are world famous for the pirated indian movie leaks. They are the major cause of concern for a lot of public and film organisation as they leak their movie on the first day of release which lead to great loss to the film makers and hence this harms the film industry very badly.


Origin of Tamil Rockers

They started as a bootleg recording network in 2011 but their business does not work at all. They started piracy work in 2014 as that was the time of internet speed emergence and people started using internet in their mobile phones

The administrators of the dub every kind of movies and one can download tamil and other language films with different options such as HD, Ultra HD ,Blue Ray and many more.

Their popularity is such that every household which uses internet and download movies know their names and download all free stuff from for free.

As India came up with a new piracy policy for films therefore they are then not allowed to put movies up for downloads so they started changing the domain extention and literally they tried every extention was available

The main motivation behind this was income generated as they are making more the 20 lakhs a month from all the ads they put on their website.

Right now they have their servers in different parts of the world where there is no restrictions on such websites.

Madras high court has put restrictions on such websites and others website as the court ordered ISPs (Internet service providers) to block 12000 including

They are right now using different extension. Here we are providing the list of domain extentions that are available to download form tamilrockers.The website also changes its extensions on very often so one has to very active and upto date to know exact extension. Tamilrockers.wc Tamilrockers.hd

The latest movies like Dabangg 3 ,good newzz and Jahnvi Kapoor’s Netflix TV show Ghost story is been leaked by tamilrockers. is the domain extension which is being used right now.

This article is just for information purpose. We are Strictly against any kind of piracy and it is very bad for our film industries .Through this article we don’t want to indulge into any act that violate any indian Law.