How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam

how to clear ibps clerk examHi Friends,Every year Millions of people apply for the banking jobs through IBPS and only 2-3% are able to crack the exam every year. We have lots of stories of people who failed many times to get success but according to me its not the exam for which you have to apply multiple time.If you prepare with the right technique and apply things smartly then you can clear the exam in one In this post I will explain you How to clear IBPS Clerk Exam in single Attempt :

  1. Analysis : This is the most important thing even before starting to prepare for the exam.So next Question in your mind is what to analyse. First thing is the syllabus for the exam and marks division.This is utmost important thing.The Syllabus and Marks division for IBPS Clerk V :ibps syllabus and exam pattern
  2. As you can see the marks division and no of marks for each subject are given in the image above.The next thing is to focus on the strengths and weakness in each subject.For Example some students are good in mathematics but they are poor in English.There are thousands of such cases where an aspirant has an overall good score and clear the cutoff but couldn’t clear the sectional cutoff.
  3. One has to clear the sectional as well as the overall cutoff to clear the examination.This is the most difficult hurdle for the aspirants as they are not able to clear the sectional cutoffs.
  4. There is a solution for that too.We will now discuss it section wise to how to clear sectional cutoffs of different subjects.
  5. How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam Mathematics(Quantitative Aptitude):Quantitative Aptitude portion is big problem for the aspirants which are from non technical background and not practicing it from few year.For Quantitative Aptitude,I will tell you simple tricks.Follow these tricks and you will definitely do well in the examination.
    1.Quantitative aptitude has 40 questions carrying 1 marks each.There is further division in this portion which is shown belowMaths analysis
    1.First thing is to learn tables from 1 to 20 .Learn it or cram it,its your choice.You can write it on a piece of paper and paste in on your rooms wall and revise it daily twice or thrice.
    2.In clerical exams simple calculations are their to check your calculation speed.They will not ask tough questions.They will ask simple question which you can do easily.You must also learn square roots and cube roots of the numbers.There is good trick to learn cube Here to know more.
    3.Learn small techniques for simple mathematical operations and try to use those in the questions.Here are some book suggestion which will be very beneficial :
    >>>>Quantitative Aptitude by R S AgarwalThis book is sufficient for anyone who has just started studying Quantitative aptitude.If you want more suggestions about the books then you can just comment below.I will try to provide you the best book according to your need.
    1. First thing to focus is simplification question.Just jump to simplification questions.These questions wont take much time and you can score 8 out of 10 very easily.
    2. Second thing is jump to Data Interpretation which carries 5 marks.In this section 3-4 questions are very easy and you can attempt 3 or 4 questions with ease.
    3. Series carries 5 marks in the exam but sometimes they are little difficult but still after practice one can do 3-4 questions easily.Here I am Sharing some DI videos which will help you solve the questions in less time and greater accuracy :
    -> Data Interpretation By Rohit Agarwal
    4.The statement questions carries 15 marks and some of the questions are very difficult so just try it for once and don’t waste time for one question.If you are not able to get the answer in the first try then just move on to next question.This is very important thing as if you waste time on one question ,you will get less amount of time for the next question.
    5.In this manner you will able to do 20-25 questions very easily and sectional cutoff will be well below this.It will be around 15 marks.
  7. How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam (Reasoning ):This portion is very easy and most of the candidates don’t give time for reasoning.This is the biggest blunder as those who don’t practice much could not able to do it in proper time in exam.So one should give proper time to this subject also.Compare to Quantitative Aptitude,there are many portion in Reasoning which are easy and doable.A figure of Marks division is given below:
    IBPS clerk reasoning analysis
  8. For Reasoning ,Please buy a simple and easy book to learn the basic.Here I am providing a link for that also.This book contains all the topic.

    >>>A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal
    This book is suggested because it cover all the topics for the exams.The number of mistakes in the book are also very less.
  9. After doing the basics ,You can buy any previous year paper.I suggest you to buy
    >>>IBPS (CWE) for Bank PO/MT/SO Previous Papers With Detailed Solutions from BSC Publication
    because the solutions given in this book are accurate and even if you are preparing for the clerk exam,please buy this book as if you practice for tough question,you will able to solve the clerk level Questions.
  10. Reasoning is not difficult but a right approach is required by the candidates to clear the exam,So go with right should know which topic has the maximum probability to come in the exam.Practice those topics as much possible.
  11. How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam ENGLISH :This section consists of questions that test candidates Vocabulary Knowledge, Reading Skills, and Grammar Knowledge. For Grammar Rules, you can refer to following Books:

    >>Objective general English byS P Bakshi(Arihant Publications).
    >>Mirror of Common Error byAshok Kumar Singh.

  12. english analysis
  13. Please Read English Newspaper Daily for an hour or two.This habit will improve your reading skills as well as your vocabulary.The reading alone is not sufficient,Please try to understand the extract of the paragraph.Your Reading speed will increase with time.Please install an Offline dictionary in your phone so that whenever you are not able to understand the meaning of any word ,You can check it using the dictionary.Please install any notepad app where you can save all the words so that you can check them and revise them afterwards.Reading paper will also help you in cloze test and error correction.
  14. Please Practice previous year paper(BSC Publications).If you go through 15-20 papers before exam then you will be able to solve Questions Swiftly and accurately.
  15. How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness:This Portion is very easy for those who prepare in it in a proper way.You have to give half an hour for three to four months to GA if want to score excellent marks.There are different ways to prepare for this.One is offline way where you can Subscribe to BSC publications,Pratyogita darpan monthly magazines.
  16. Other is online method where you can choose different websites to study.Our Daily Tit Bits cover every aspect and its a best study material.Apart from this , , are providing very good data for competetive exam.
  17. How to Clear IBPS Clerk Exam Computer :Computer portion is generally very easy and one can get maximum marks in this.I will Recommend
    >> Lucent Computer book
    This book is more than sufficient for the computer portion.

When you are doing any topic ,Please make sure that you must practice 200 to 300 questions of that topic.First learn about the technique and then practice it on easy questions and then go on for difficult ones.please make sure that you should give maximum of 1 Minute to a question(1 mark).

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