Financial Awareness Quiz for SBI Clerk Exam

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Hi Friends,You all know banking and Financial awareness will be very important for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam.As It is Combined with General Awareness a total of 50 marks which will increase your score .In the competitive exams,even a single number matters,So please prepare this topic with us as this topic is easy and you can grab maximum marks in this topic if you prepare it well.So Here is the Financial Awareness for SBI Clerk Exam Set-1:

1.RBI open market operation transaction  are carried out with a view to regulate:
a.liquidity of economy
b.price of essential commodities
d.all of the above

2.Which of the following is not the part of the scheduled banking structures in India ?
a.Money lenders
b.public sector banks
c.private sector banks
d.regional Rural Bank

3.10 rupee note contains the signature of ?
a.Finance Secretary
d.Finance Minister,GOI

4.Which of the following is not decided by the finance Minister while presenting the Union Budget Every Year ?
a.Rate of Income Tax
b.Expenditure on Defence Services
c.Relief Packages to various sections of the society
d.Repo and Reverse Repo Rate 

5.The Agricultural census is done at which of the following intervals ?
a.Once in a year
b.Once in Three years
c. Once in Five Years
d. None of the above

6.What is an Indian Depository Receipt ?
a.A depository account with any depositories in India
b.a Deposit account with a public sector bank
c.An Instrument in the form of deposit receipt by Indian Depositories
d.An Instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian Depository against underlying equity shares of the issuing company.

7.Which of the following term is not related with the banking operations ?
a. Current Account
b. Exchange Rate
c.Veto Power
d. Domestic saving rate

8.Structure of the BASEL II is based on how the many Pillars ?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Five

9. Depreciation of an asset occurs due to……………….?
a.Fire in the Unit
c.Labour Trouble
d. Wear and Tear

10.Which of the following is not the Electronic banking Delivery Channel ?
b.Internet Banking
c.Mobile Van
d. Mobile phone Banking

11.Banks in India are regulated under 
a.Companies act ,1956
b.Banking Regulations Act ,1949
c.RBI Act ,1935
d.None of the above

Key :1.d  |2.a  |3.c  |4.d  |5.  |6.d  |7.c  |8.b  |9.d  |10.c  |11.b

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