Bank Wage Revision Formula

IBA trying to fool Bankers by percentage game.
Today after Meeting they issued a note that IBA offering 19% hike(15% in payslip components+2.5PLI+1.36 as 5 day Pl encashment). 15 % REALLY, When did they offer this. The shameless creature offered only 12.25% till date that to after 27 months of negotiation.
Now let’s see real calculation of IBA’s so called Bank Wage Revision Formula offer by calculation in monthly basis
15% to payslip component+0.20( 2.5% for 12 months as PLI )+0.114(5 day pl encashment 1.36 in year and 1.36/12 in one month)=15.314% only
Dear IBA shame on you for misguiding Nation by fake calculation
Dear UFBU and We banker please Expose them in all public forum.

Bankers Have some Questions which IBA MUST ANSWER

  1. IBA openly accepting that Economy of Country is going through Testing Times.
    But we at Branch level bankers are not responsible for it. Who is responsible then ?
    2.IBA spreading lie that they offered 19% to bankers on demand of 20%, still Union called BankStrike
    IBA lie of 19% hike
    (15% in payslip components
    +2.5 PLI+1.36 as 5 day Pl encashment).
    15% to payslip component
    +0.20( 2.5% for 12 months as PLI )+0.114(5 day PL Encashment 1.36 in year and 1.36/12 in one month) =15.314% only
    Worse part Load Factor only 2% & No Special Basic merger.Why IBA is fooling bankers with these calculation tricks ?

3.IBA claiming 5 Day Banking not possible due to tough times of Economy.
Then how RBI, DFS, CVC, NCLT, Ministry & other Central/State dept. working in 5 day week? Are they not serious for country’s Economy Slowdown?
Supreme Court Calendar 2020
136 Days closed in 366 Days.
Summer Break of 1 & 1/2 Months.
But Media will never highlight, Even when Lacs of cases pending.

But if Bankers call BankStrike of 2 Days, they show like Economy will crash rather showing reason behind their Call.

it took IBA 40 Rounds of Meetings, 810 Days, more than half dozen strikes, countless Agitations to resolve Bankers Salary issue, Still IBA failed miserably there.

Your so called irresponsible behaviour made Bankers wait for a settlement which is due from 2017