22-24 April Current Affairs Quiz 2016

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Hello Readers, In this post we will going to share 22-24 April Current Affairs Quiz 2016. This GK quiz is made in the focus of the upcoming IBPS exams and other important state level Exams.These Test will be very fruitful for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC LDC, SBI PO ,SBI clerical and other state and center level exams.Make it your habit as they will be very good for the preparation of aspirants.These GK Quiz will be very helpful for SBI clerk Exam.

Q.1 Who lit the Olympic torch for the upcoming Olympic Games in Greece ?
a. Katerina Lehou
b. Jamie Dimon
c. Spiro Agnew
d. None of the above

Q.2 Simhastha Kumbh mela has begun in which state ?
a. Bihar
b. Maharashtra
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Andhra Pradesh

Q.3 When is World Earth Day observed ?
a. April 25
b. April 22
c. April 20
d. April 15

Q.4 Which magazine revealed the list of 100 most influential people in the world?
a. Forbes
b. Time
c. MidWeek
d. None of the above

Q.5 Who has been appointed as the Directr of pune-based Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) ?
a. Renu Saluja
b. K.G.George
c. Bhupendra Kainthola
d. Prashant Pathrabe

Q.6 Who is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ?
a. P.J.Kurien
b. Violet Alva
c. Najma Heptullah
d. Godey Murahari

Q.7 Which Country has signed the Paris Climate Agreement ?
a. USA
b. UK
c. India & China
d. All of the above

Q.8 National Panchayati Raj Day is observed on whch day in India ?
a. April 20
b. April 22
c. April 24
d. April 26

Q.9 In which country is the Tribeca Film Festival held ?
a. USA
b. Italy
c. France
d. Spain

Q.10 Name the actor who has been named Goodwill Ambassador of the Indian contigent for the upcoming Rio Olympics Games ?
a. Shahruk Khan
b. Amitabh Bachchan
c. Priyanka Chopra
d. Salman Khan

Key : 1.a |2.c |3.b |4.b |5.c |6.a |7.d |8.c |9.a |10.d

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