Yaad Karo kurbani celebrations launched

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yaad kro kurbani celebrations

Yaad Karo kurbani celebrations launched

Q. The first question in our mind is that what is Yaad karo kurbani Celebrations ?

Ans.Yaad Karo Kurbani celebrations will be  launched in the memory of our Great freedom fighter Chander Shekhar Azad.This Celebration will kick start on the anniversary of chander shekhar Azad at his birth place in Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh.Prime Minister Narender Modi himself will go to his birth place to pay his regards to this martyr.

Q. What is the Duration of  Yaad karo kurbani Celebratons ?

Ans. The Duration of these Celebration  will be 15 Days.It will start on 12th August and ends on 27th August 2016.

Q. What is the major motive behind Yaad karo Azadi Celebrations.

Ans. The Motive is to spread the message of unity among the people of the country.The government is trying hard to make a patriotic environment in the country.This event is the prime example of such moves by the government.Major BJP MLAs will visit our martyr’s cities to pay their regards.It is done to send the message as India’s 70 Independence is not about political affiliation but the larger celebrations of freedom.

Q. Which minister is visiting which city ?


  • PM Narender Modi      — Chander shekhar Azad Birthplace
  • Rajnath Singh               —Birsa Munda and Ashfaqulla Khan’s Birthplace
  • Arun Jaitley                    —Premnath Dogra’s Birthplace in Jammu and Kashmir.He will                                                   visit jallianwala bagh
  • Other top Ministers will also visit Birthplaces of Mahatma Gandhi,Sarojini Naidu ,Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
  • Women MPs will go to the border to meet soldiers and will celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the Soldiers of our nation.
  • Ministers will also visit  Dandi,Sabarmati ,Kakori and birthplace of Jayprakash Narayan.

Q.How will this programme will reach billions of people in India ?

Ans: There will be mass events in schools and colleges.The Ministers of the ruling party will visit  birthplaces of Martyrs and leaders of Indian Independence.Apart from these electronic and print media campaign will boost programme reach to the people of India.

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