hi Friends,SSC CGL exam is on the edge right now, Aspirants are working very hard to clear this exam.So we want to help our worthy readers in their way to success by offering top notch SSC CGL GK Quiz.These GK Quiz are made to ensure that students gets maximum benefits out of it.The static GK is taken from Previous year paper and the question related to current affairs are replaced with the new questions.In each of these quiz,20 Questions are given.SSC GK CGL Quiz


1. The reserves held by commercial banks over and above the statutory minimum, with RBI are called
A. Cash reserves
B. Depot reserves
C. Excess reserves
D. Momentary reserves

2. Who is authorised to issue coins in India ?
B. Ministry of finance
D. Indian overseas bank

3. Which four country are called Asian tigers?
A. Hong kong, Singapore, south Korea, Taiwan
B. Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan
C. Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore
D. Hong kong,South Korea, China, Taiwan

4. Which bank will refinance micro finance orgs. to encourage first generation SC/ST entrepreneurs.
5. The break even point is where
A. Marginal revenue equals Marginal cost
B. Average revenue equals average cost
C. Total revenue equals total cost
D. None of the above

5. The method of impeachment of the president of India is adopted from
D. France

6. In the eighth schedule of the constitution of India, which languages were added subsequently?
A. English, siddhi, marathi, sanskrit
B. Sanskrit, siddhi, konkani, manipuri, nepali
C. Siddhi, konkani, manipuri, Nepali
D. Marathi, oriya, konkani, Nepali

7. Indian parliament means
A. Rajya sabha- lok sabha
B. Rajya sabha-lok sabha- prime minister
C. President of India-Rajya sabha -Lok sabha
D. President of India-vice president of India- lok sabha-rajya sabha

8. Generally the soil of the Northern plains of India has been formed by
A. Degradation
B. Aggradation
C. Weathering in situ
D. Erosion

9. Hiuen Tsang visited India during the reign of
A. Chandragupta I
B. Chandragupta II
C. Harshvardhan
D. Rudradaman

10. The muslim adventurer who destroyed the Nalanda university was
A. Alla-ud-din khilji
B. Muhammad – bin Tughlaq
C. Muhammad – bin bhaktiyar
D. Muhammad – bin Quasim

11. Painting reached its highest level of development during the reign of
A. Akbar
B. Aurangzeb
C. Jahangir
D. Shah jahan

12. The communal electorate was introduced for the first time in India in
A. 1919
B. 1935
C. 1906
D. 1909

13. The two states which had non Congress ministries in 1937 were
A. Bengal and punjab
B. Punjab and NWFP
C. Madras and central province
D. Bihar and uttar pradesh

14. Sea breeze is formed during
A. Day time
B. Night time
C. Both
D. Seasonal

15. What percentage of world’s freshwater is stored as glacial ice?
A. 50%
B. 10%
C. 70%
D. 30%

16. Which of the following state has the longest coastline?
A. Maharashtra
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Gujarat
D. Andhra Pradesh

17. The pass located in Himachal pradesh is
A. Shipkila
B. Zojila
C. Nathula
D. Jelepla

18.Match the following and select the right answer from the codes given below:
Crops producing state
1. Tea                                      a. Himachal pradesh
2. Sugarcane                       b. Assam
3. Groundnut                      c. Uttar Pradesh
4. Apple                                 d. Gujarat
A. 1-d,2-c,3-a,4-b
B. 1-d,2-b,3-a,4-c
C. 1-b,2-a,3-d,4-a
D. 1-d,2-c,3-b,4-a

19. An example of false fruit is
A. Apple
B. Guava
C. Mango
D. Tomato

20. Normal fasting blood sugar level per 100 ml of blood in man is :
A. 30-50 mg
B. 50-70 mg
C. 80-100 mg
D. 120-140 mg

Key : 1.c |2.b |3.a |4.d |5.a |6.c |7.c |8.b |9.c |10.c | 11.c |12.d |13.a |14.a |15.c |16.c |17.a |18.c |19.a |20.c

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