How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive paper

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SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive paper

SSC CGL Tier 3 exam will be conducted in a very short time and it is high time to prepare for the exam. If your score is around 430  then this is the chance to go past 500 and secure your seat so How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive paper.

Now this is very important to have a strategy if you want to clear the exam. Let’s see the structure  of the exam.

  • The exam will be of 1 hour in duration.
  • The exam will be of 100 marks. The exam will be in offline mode paper pen based test. The marks of this exam will be included to prepare the final merit of the exam.
  • The topics would include essay writing /Precise Writing/Letter Writing .
  • The Paper will be bilingual and language will be Hindi or English.

Now a Question arises as from where to Prepare the SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam ?

For Essay Writing :
  • Please read the newspapers editorials and first page articles (Hindu ,The Indian Express, The Economic  Times).The articles and editorials of The Hindu is a must. Please read 10 to 15 Articles on the daily basis.
  • The Emphasis must be on the topics which are touching the core of the nation. The topics that effects every individual. The current topics like demonetization , Social Issues such as education ,Poverty , Equality, Pollution are most likely to be asked in exam .
  • Finance and economy is also very important that is asked repeatedly in the SSC descriptive exams.
  • The other important topic is the government schemes. One should be aware about different Government schemes . There should be proper understanding of all the related facts and how it will be implemented and in which of the states it will be implemented first.
  • Other Topics like science and Technology ,Sports ,Environmental concerns are also important and hot topics from these topics must be covered.

Important points to remember for essay writing preparation:

  • From all the hot topics ,choose three to four quotes which you can write in exams. These quotes will be very fruitful as these will give an impressive look to your essay. The checker will definitely give extra marks for these quotes.
  • Topics subheading must be properly divided. Suppose you have to write an essay on the topic pollution in  India. You should divide the essay into different subtopics such as “Post Independence Scenario of pollution” , “Impact of pollution on daily lives” ,”Current Situation”,”causes of pollution”, “Steps taken by the government to curb pollution” ,”Different types of technologies that can be used to curb pollution” .
  • Keep Yourself updated with latest current affairs.
  • Hot topics for the Descriptive exam are  : Demonetization , GST , ISRO , India China Relationship ,Political Funding in elections , Universal Basic Income ,Reservation in jobs ,Women empowerment ,Digital payments and e-wallets and UPI, Various Government schemes.

We recommend these books for essay preparation :

SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive paper preparation For Precis Writing :

This topic seems very easy for the aspirants but this topic is sometimes very hard to understand as to what to write for a passage.As the passage are very difficult to understand mood and tone of the passage which results in the low markings by the examiner.Here we will discuss few very important tips to score well in precis writing :

  • First Clear your mind about the passage after that write effective and clear sentences.
  • Try to write flawlessly which means starting extract from top and summarize in best way.
  • If you are given a passage of 300 words,Maximum limit of words for your precise writing must not be more than 110 words.
  • The central idea must be kept in focus and it should be given priority.
  • Please don’t repeat sentences as it will make a negative impact.
  • Omit what is mere subsidiary.

We recommend this book for precis writing preparation :

SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive paper preparation For Letter Writing :

Letter writing is the of two type:

  • Formal Letter Writing
  • Informal Letter Writing

How should we write an effective Letter :

  • Its presentation and format must be correct.
  • Letter should be written in a friendly language so that everyone can understand the letter easily.
  • Format of the letter is very important and its must be followed strictly as per guidelines for different types of letter.
  • Letter must be concise and relevant and tone should be polite.

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