SBI PO mains Exam Review

Hi Friends ,In this post we will provide SBI PO mains Exam Review.All the insights are provided by the aspirants.So lets get started :SBI PO mains Exam Review

Quantitative Aptitude :

In this portion of exam ,we have :

  • 3 Questions of Probability,Permutation and combination.
  • Data sufficiency of 10 marks where each question carries 2 marks so total 5 questions are from data sufficiency.
  • There are 4 Data interpretation questions.3 of them are solvable.Different in this portion is that the difficult questions among the DI questions carries 2 marks each.
  • There are 3 Questions from Time and Work.
  • A different type of question is given in this where a passage is given and one has to find answer after reading the passage.In this questions a lot of understanding and calculations was required to do it right.

Overall Level: Tough


In this portion of exam we have:

  • There were three puzzles.Level of the puzzles is tough and the puzzles are very time consuming.A well prepared student faced difficulties to solve these puzzles.
  • There were 5 questions from data sufficiency.These question carries 10 marks.
  • There were 2 questions from inequality.
  • There are 3-4 questions from logical inference portion which is CAT’s topic and for the first time came into banking exam.

Overall Level: Tough

English :

This portion is the most surprising portion as a well prepared candidate easily fetch 35 marks in English but this time its not the scenario.The Scenario is quite different and the question type that were asked in exam are:

  • The good thing is the paragraphs (2 paragraphs carrying 20 marks) are not easy but doable.Every paragraph question is 2 marks each.
  • There were seven antonyms and synonyms with a difficulty level greater the CAT’s English.
  • There is different question asked in the exam where 2 lines will give the solutions of the question.One has to select these 2 lines out of 5 option.These questions were not easy but doable.
  • In another type of different question .They put 5 same situations out of which one is out of has to select that statement.Questions like this are very important in the decision making context.

There is no Cloze test ,no error correction ,no rearrangement in the exam and these three are the topics in which students score good marks.

Overall Level: Tough

General Awareness :

This portion was easy to moderate.The questions that were asked in the exam are divided as:

  • 80% questions are from the current affairs of may ,june and july 2016.
  • 20% question comes from the static GK portion.These questions were easy.

This portion was easy and doable and best thing is this portion was as it was expected 😀

Overall Level: Moderate


Descriptive portion was easy for the well prepared candidates.The time provided for the exam was also sufficient.

Overall Level: Moderate

Expected Cutoff for SBI PO mains exam :

  • Cutoff for the General Candidates will be around 70 marks.
  • Cutoff for the OBC Candidates will be around 65 marks.
  • Cutoff for the General Candidates will be around 50 marks.

The sectional cutoff for DI ,Reasoning,English will be less than 8 marks.Sectional Cutoff for General awareness will be around 12 Marks.

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