Marketing Quiz for SBI PO Exam

Hiii Readers,Marketing is one of the most important and easy portion of SBI exam and one can score good in this section.For this,we have started quiz of marketing for SBI and other banking Exams.

Marketing Quiz for SBI PO Exam

1.Cross-selling is the basic function of
(a) All employers
(b) All employees
(c) All sales persons
(d) Planning Department

2.Cross-selling is not effective for which one of the following products ?
(a) Debit cards
(b) Savings accounts
(c) Internet banking
(d) Pension loans

3.The target group for SME loans is
(a) All Businessmen
(b) All Professionals
(c) All SSIs
(d) None of these

4.The performance of sales person depends on
(a) salary paid
(b) sales incentives paid 1
(c) size of the sales team
(d) ability and willingness of the sales person
(5) team leader’s aggressiveness

5.Market Research is useful for
(a) deciding proper marketing strategies
(b) deciding the selling price
(c) choosing the right products
(d) choosing the sales persons

6. Value added services means
(a)costlier products
(b)Larger no of products
(c)Additional services
(d)At par Services

7. Customisation means
(a) acquiring more customers
(b) regulating customers
(c) special products to suit each Customer
(d) more products per customer

8. e-Marketing is same as
(a) virtual marketing
(b) real time marketing
(c) Digital marketing
(c) None of the above

9.Modern Style of marketing means :
(a)Digital marketing
(d)E-mail Solicitation

10.Aggressive Marketing style is necessitated due to
(b)Increased Competition
(c)Increased Productions
(d)Increased Job Opportunities

key :1.c |2.d |3.c |4.d |5.a |6.c |7.c |8.c |9.a |10.2

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