IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz – 5

Hii Friends , We are starting an IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz  series .This will be very fruitful for upcoming IBPS specialist Officer (IT) exam.All the questions are carefully selected according to the syllabus of  Specialist officer (IT) Exam.IT knowledge will be very important for exam perspectives as it will cover the major marks portion.Professional knowledge will be of 75 Marks.There will be 50 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each.So here is the Quiz :

Q.1 What type of virus uses computers hosts to reproduce itself ?
A. Worm
B. Time bomb
C. Melissa virus
D. Repeater virus

Q.2 HTML commands such as <h1> are known as
A. Browser requests
B. Labels
C. Tags
D. Flags

Q.3 Entities having primary Key are called :
A. Primary Key
B. Strong Entities
C. Weak Entities
D. None of the above

Q.4 Round Robin Scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of :
B. Shortest Job First
C. Shortest Remaining
D. Longest Time First

Q.5 The Index created by Primary key column is called :
A. Unique Index
B. Composite Index
C. Single Index
D. Primary Index

Q.6 The IP Address belongs to address class ?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

Q.7 All the information Collected During Database development is stored in a  ?
A. Repository
B. Data Ware House

Q.8 The Passive Threat to computer Security is :
A. Malicious Intent
B. Sabotage
C. Accidental Errors
D. Espionage Agents

Q.9 The Process by which the strycture of the database is modified to eliminate hidden dependencies and repeated group is :
A. Enforcing Data Integrity
B. Enforcing Referential Integrity
C. Indexing
D. Normalization

Q.10 What is the name of the protocol used in eliminate loops :
A. Switching
C. Frame Tagging
D. Spanning Tree protocal

Key : 1.a |2.c |3.b |4.a |5.a |6.b |7.a |8.a |9.d |10.d|

Here is the Link for downloading the complete Professional knowledge capsule for IT officer Exam:

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Apart from this,You can also check some very decent books which really provide a good boost to the study Preprations.

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