IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz – 10

Hii Friends , We are starting an IT Officer professional knowledge Quiz  series .This will be very fruitful for upcoming IBPS specialist Officer (IT) exam.All the questions are carefully selected according to the syllabus of  Specialist officer (IT) Exam.IT knowledge will be very important for exam perspectives as it will cover the major marks portion.Professional knowledge will be of 75 Marks.There will be 50 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each.So here   is the Quiz :

Q.1 The descending heap is also called ………
A. Max heap
B. Min heap
C. Priority heap
D. Priority ordered heap

Q.2 Which of the following is not the phase in the SDLC
A. Analyze current situation
B. Define the latest technology
C. Design new system
D. Develop and implement new system

Q.3 ………….hubs do not require electricity to run
A. Active
B. Hybrid
C. Passive
D. Intelligent

Q.4 An ATM cell is …………..bytes long.
A. 53
B. 5
C. 48

Q.5 C function returns………. Value by default.
A. Character
B. No
C. Integer
D. Float

Q.6 X.25 standard specifies a :
A. Technique for start – stop data
B. Technique for dial access
C. DTE/DCE interface
D. Data bit rate

Q.7 Virtual memory is……………
A. An extremely large main memory
B. An extremely large secondary memory
C. An illusion of extremely large main memory
D. A type of memory that is used in super computer

Q.8 LANs can be connected by devices called………….. Which operates in the data link layer?
A. Hub
B. Bridges
D. Tunnel

Q.9 In queues, the end from where items inserted is called
A. Rear
B. Front
C. Top
D. Base

Q 10 The class A has………………….. network bits.
A. 16
B. 24
C. 32
D. 8

Key :

1.a |2.b |3.c |4.a |5.c |6.c |7.c |8.b |9.a |10.d |

Here is the Link for downloading the complete Professional knowledge capsule for IT officer Exam:

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Apart from this,You can also check some very decent books which really provide a good boost to the study Preprations.

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