GK Quiz for SBI PO Exam 2017

Hi friends…HI Friends, SBI PO Exam is near and It is very important that we perform well in th GK section so for that Reading The Hindu news paper is a must. This news paper provide the most comprehensive solution to the preparation of SBI ,IBPS and other exams.So here is the GK Quiz for SBI PO Exam 2017 :


  1. Who is appointed as the New Chairmen of SEBI ?
    A. Mukund Bhatnagar
    B. Gourav Arya
    C. Ajay Tyagi
    D. Nitika Nayak
  2. Name the Official Mascot of FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 ?
    A. A Clouded Leopard Called Kheleo
    B. A Clouded Tiger called Indigo
    C. A clouded Loin called Kheleo
    D. A Clouded Dear called Indigo
  3. Which State has launched “All Out War” Against Drug Addiction ?
    A. Punjab
    C. Rajasthan
    C. Madhya Pradesh
    D. Himachal Pradesh
  4. India has signed MOUs in the Field of Aviation,Innovation and VISA requirements with which of the following countries ?
    A. South Africa
    B. Australia
    C. Rawanda
    D. Guyana
  5. What is India’s position in Global Innovation Index ?
    A. 43
    B. 31
    C. 37
    D. 52
  6. Which is the world’s first interoperable payment Acceptance Solution?
    A. Paytm QR
    B. Freecharge QR
    C. Bharat QR
    D. JIO QR
  7. A Review Committee is being set up to review Cyber Threats.Who will set up this committee ?
    A. Reserve Bank of India
    B. Computer emergency and response team (CERT)
    C. Central Vigilance Commission
    D. The Computer Society of India
  8. A new species of bird “A rufous tails Rock Thrush” has been discovered in
    A. China
    B. Japan
    C. Nepal
    D. India
  9. Which country is the largest Importer of Major arms in the world ?
    A. India
    B. China
    C. Pakistan
    D. Saudi Arabia
  10. Which player has won the Sportsman of the year trophy for a record equaling fourth time at the laureus world awards ?
    A. Roger Federer
    B. Usain Bolt
    C. Rory Mcilroy
    D. Michael Phelps

Key:- 1.a |2.c |3.d |4.c |5.a |6.c |7.a |8.c |9.a |10.B|

Apart from this,Here are some of the very useful books for the preparation of GK:

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