GK Quiz for SBI PO 2017

Hi friends , We are starting this Unique series of GK quiz for SBI PO 2017 exam.We will provide a 10 Questions quiz on daily basis so that you can prepare well for your exam and can do GK portion confidently.so here is the Quiz 2 of the GK Quiz for SBI PO 2017 Exam Series :SBI

  1. A new train for Unreserved passengers has been unveiled by Indian Railways.Name the train ?
    A. Deen Dayal Express
    B. Shama Prasad Express
    C. Antyodaya Express
    D. Kaamakhya Express
  2. TAMRA app has been launched by which of the following ministries ?
    A. HRD Ministry
    B. Ministry of External Ministry
    C. Defence Ministry
    D. Ministry of Mines
  3. Name the American Startup which has announced its acquisition of Google’s Terra Bella Business ?
    A. Simpson Labs
    B. The Earth Labs
    C. Universal Labs
    D. Planet Labs
  4. Meghalaya’s first ever Garments and apparels making center was inaugurated by
    A. Narendra Modi
    B. Kiran Rijiju
    C. Nirmala Sitharaman
    D. Smrity Irani
  5. Ministry of Defence is set to open its defence unit in which of the cities ?
    A. Morena (UP)
    B. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    C.  Alwar (Rajasthan)
    D. Fatehabad (Haryana)
  6. According to ICRA, The bank credit growth is likely to be around ………….in the current fiscal year.
    A. 5-6 %
    B. 10 %
    C. 7-8 %
    D. 4-5 %
  7. Which of the following has taken the charge as the New Director of CBI ?
    A. Alok Verma
    B. Alok Sinha
    C. Alok Sinha
    D. Alok Gupta
  8. Which country is the first to divest in the field  of coal , oil and gas Investments ?
    A. Finland
    B. Ireland
    C. Scotland
    D. New Zealand
  9. Which Indian player has recently topped Junior Badminton chart ?
    A. Vishwajeet Sheokand
    B. Jitesh Kumar
    C. Lakshya Sen
    D. Paras Bhatia
  10. Which Tech Giant has agreed to set up a manufacturing plant in Bangalore , Karnataka ?
    A. Samsung
    B. Microsoft
    C. Apple
    D. HTC

Key:- 1.c |2.d |3.d |4.d |5.a |6.a |7.a |8.b |9.c |10.c|

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