GK Quiz for 19-20 April 2015

GK Quiz for 19-20 April 2015.

This GK Quiz is designed in a way that users on Mobile phones and laptops can easily do this Quiz as the users on laptop can directly check the answers.For Mobile phone users,we have provided a separate key so that they don’t have to reload the page again and again to check the answers.

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Q.1 Govt. of which state inked MoU with IISL Company to replace streetlights of 13 municipalities with LED lights?
a. Kerala
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Haryana

Andhra Pradesh


Q.2 Who has been appointed by Supreme Court as head of team probing IPL scandal?
a. Vivek Priyadarshi
b. T.S Vijendra
c. H.S Thakur
d. Manik Poul

Vivek Priyadarshi


Q.3 12th National Youth Athletes Championship held in which state?
a. Punjab
b. Delhi
c. Kerala
d. Goa



Q.4 Name the first women bus driver of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)?
a. Vankiilia Monahi
b. Vankadarath Saritha
c. Subhlaksha Pandit
d. Mathangi Sobti

Vankadarath Saritha


Q.5 Bahrain Grand Prix of Formula One won by Lewis Hamilton (36th title). He drives which formula 1 car?
a. Mercedes
b. Ferrari
c. Red Bull
d. None of the Above



Q.6 Asian Junior Tennis Championship at New Delhi won by
a. Y Pranjala
b. Xi Chi Chu
c. Zheng Washuang
d. None of the above

Y Pranjala


Q.7 Name the player who is from Haryana sets national youth record in hammer throw?
a. Satish kumar
b. Rajesh Nayak
c. Ashish Jakhar
d. Purjohi Ram

Ashish Jakhar


Q.8 Dr. Nasim Zaidi takes over as new Chief Election Commission. He will have tenure of how many years?
a. 2 years
b. 3 years
c. 6 Months
d. 1 year

2 years


Q.9 Name of the project launched by Kerala Govt. to end liquor, drug abuse?
a. Vibodhan
b. Subodham
c. Nirodhan
d. Jivodham



Q.10 The centenary celebration of Patna High Court inaugurated by ?
a. Pranab Mukherjee
b. H L Dattu
c. PM Modi
d. H S Bhrama

Pranab Mukherjee


Keys- 1.c |2.a |3.d |4.b |5.a |6.a |7.c |8.a |9.b |10.a

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