GK Quiz for 1-2 April

GK Quiz for 1-2 April

Q1. Name of the girl, whose image has been used on the posters of India’s anti-tobacco campaign, passed away at her hometown in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh?

a. Mamta Pirria
b. Sushila Neer
c. Sunita Tomar
d. Geeta Rajshi

Q2. Andhra Pradesh government approved _______as name of the new capital city of the state coming up in the Vijayawada-Guntur region?
a. Amaravathi
b. Vijayapur
c. Vijayawada
d. Amarnagar

Q3. Which of the following Country  ranked top in world most dangerous countries list in the world according to Country Threat Index (CTI)?
a. Iraq
b. Syria
c. Nigeria
d. Somalia

Q4. MUDRA Bank will be inaugrated by PM Modi on 8 April, 2015. MUDRA stands for?
a. The Major Unit for Development Refinancing Agency (MUDRA) Bank
b. The Micro Unit Developing Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank
c.  The Major Units for Development Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank
d. The Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank

Q5. Name of the person who stepped down as the President of the International Cricket Council (ICC)?
a. Srinivasan
b. Mustafa Ali
c. Mohammed Ali
d. Samul Joseph

Q6. Which of the following E-commerce company has acquired a majority stake in digital financial distribution platform RupeePower?
a. Amazon
b. Flipkart
c. Snapdeal
d. Ebay

Q7. New trade policy announced two new schemes, one is Merchandise Exports From India Scheme (MEIS) and other is?
a.  Services Exports From India Scheme (SEIS)
b. Software Exports From India Scheme (SEIS)
c. Information Exports From India Scheme (IEIS)
d. Services Imports From India Scheme (SEIS)

Q8. Name of the person who has been conferred Major Dhyan Chand Lifetime Achievement Award by Hockey India?
a.  Balwan Singh
b. Dalbir Singh
c. Balbir Singh
d. Sardar Singh

Q9. Name of the country organised world’s first Otaku Expo?
a. China
b. Japan
c. Honkong
d. South Korea

Q10. Book titled God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican authored by
a.   Gravena Roofle
b.  Govlikla Ralfe
c.  Gravin Pasranor
d. Gerald Posner


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