GK Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains Exam

Hi Readers ,In this post we will provide you guys GK Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains Exam.we are not able to provide each and every questions but we will post more questions in the upcoming posts.GK Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains Exam

1.Yakshagana dance — Karnataka
2.Mount everest 1st woman — bichandra pal
3.World bank with which bank solar roof  top programme –sbi
4.NACH launched by — NPCI
5.In 2015, top state in FDI — Maharashtra
6.Maximum loan amount in Mudra yojana– 10 lakh
7.Talcher in which state — Rajasthan
8.First mobile bank by which bank – DBS
9.Maputo is capital of — mozinbaue
10.NATO summit 2016 — Poland
11.Panel for desirability and feasability of new financial year — sankarcharya
12.Census 2011 – % of rural households having no literate adults abive 25 yrs — 62℅
13.BMG merge with– sbi
14.SBI platform for fb and twitter– mingle
15.As per housing for all scheme by 2022, how many rural households to be built — 4 crores .
16.Which PSB has headquarter in Chennai –indian bank
17.FRBM act committee — N.K singh
18.World Bank classified india as — upper middle income
19.MD of Bandhan bank — ghose
20.Universal banks FDI limit — 74℅
21.World bank lowered global forecast by –2.4
22.Lakhwar dam on which river — uttarkhand
23.Small finance bank loan portfolio?
24.World economic forum 2016 — David
25.India 1st defence communication network — chattisgarh
26.Krishi kalyan cess 0.5% start date — June 2016
27.Capital area bank headquarters– jalandhar
28.Max amount in BSBDA account –50000
29.Fino pay tech got licence for– payment bank
30.Madhavrao scindia cricket ground– Rajkot

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