Computer Quiz – General Introduction

Hello Readers, in this post we are going to share important computer questions quiz on general introductions. This questions are very helpful for every banking and other competitive exam.

Computer Quiz – General Introduction

Q1. Input is modified into output by-

a. Peripherals
b. Memory
c. Storage
d. Input output unit
e. CPU

Q2. Which unit controls the movement of signals between CPU and I/O?
a. ALU
b. Control Unit
c. Memory Unit
d. Secondary Unit
e. None of these

Q3. The information you put into the computer is called?
a. Facts
b. Data
c. Files
d. Directory
e. None of these

Q4. ________ is the process of carrying out commands?
a. Fetching
b. Storing
c. Decoding
d. Executing
e. None of these

Q5. Computers manipluate data in many ways and this manuplation is called?
a. Utilizing
b. Batching
c. Upgareding
d. Processing
e. None of these

Q6. The information processing cycle includes the following processes?
a. input, processing, output, storage
b. input, output, manipulation, arthmetic
c. data, processing, printing, editing
d. storage, display, data, information
e. None of these

Q7. The CPU comprises of control memory, and _______ units?
a. Microprocessor
b. Arithmetic/ Logic
c. Output
d. ROM
e. Input

Q8. ‘C’ in CPU stands for?
a. Central
b. Common
c. Convenient
d. Computer
e. Circuitry

Q9. The computers processor consist of the following parts_____?
a. CPU and Main Memory
b. Hard Disk and Floppy Drive
c. Main Memory and storage
d. Operating system and applications
e. Control Unit and ALU

Q10. The ______tells the rest of the computer how to carry out program’s instruction?
a. ALU
b. Control Unit
c. System Unit
d. Motherboard
e. None of these


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