Barack Obama Visit to India

Barack Obama visit to India:-

President Obama and the First Lady traveled

to India for three days, it is their first time

visit to the South Asian nation since the

govt. change in India. America and India are

true global partners in the work of

strengthening economies and strong

democracies. That is why the President is

the first to have visited India twice while in


The President and the Prime Minister of

India welcomed President Obama as the

chief guest at India’s 66th Republic Day

celebrations — a day that honors when

India’s constitution officially went into effect.

President Obama is the first U.S. president

to attend this historic event.

There was something unique about the

Guard of Honor for President Barack Obama

at the Presidential Palace in New Delhi on

Sunday: it was led by a woman.As Mr.

Obama walked past the ceremonial guard, he

was escorted by Wing Cmdr. Pooja Thakur,

a female officer in India’s Air Force.She also

led the salute as the band played the

national anthem of the United States and

then of India.

The President and Prime Minister Modi

pledged to enhance U.S.-Indian cooperation

on our mutual climate and clean energy

goals. From our highly successful U.S.-India

Partnership to Advance Clean Energy

(PACE) umbrella program to technical work

on emerging technologies, the U.S. and India

made important progress on combating

climate change.

The agreements include:

Enhancing bilateral climate change

cooperation to achieve a successful and

ambition agreement in Paris this

year.Cooperating on Hydroflurocarbons to

make concrete progress in the Montreal

Protocol this year.Launching air quality

cooperation to help urban residents reduce

their exposure to harmful levels of air


Under President Obama, trade between the

two countries has increased by about 60

percent to nearly $100 billion a year — a

record high. But that’s still hundreds of

billions less than the trade we do with China.

“We’ve got to do better,” the President said

while speaking at a U.S.-India Business

Council Summit in New Delhi. The President

announced a series of additional steps that

will generate more than $4 billion in trade

and investment with India while supporting

thousands of jobs in both countries:

The Export-Import Bank will

commit up to $1 billion in

financing to support “Made-in-

America” exports to India.

OPIC(The Overseas Private

Investment Corporation), the

U.S. Government’s

development finance

institution will support lending

to small and medium

businesses across India that

will result in more than $1

billion in loans in underserved

rural and urban markets.

The U.S. Trade and

Development Agency will aim

to leverage nearly $2 billion in

investmnets in renewable

energy in India.

India and the US have broken logjam on

nuclear deal and finalized the defence

framework for the next 10 years.Obama,

Modi Declare Progress on Civil Nuclear

Trade.After talks, he and Indian Prime

Minister Narendra Modi announced a

breakthrough on civil nuclear trade issues.

Both the leaders were addressing a meeting

of the US-India Business Council on the

second day of the US President’s visit that

was attended by top corporate leaders of

both the countries.Prime Minister Narendra

Modi on Monday said the state should be

driven by policies which should be

consistent so as to draw more investments,

while revealing US investments in India

jumped by 50 per cent in the first six

months of his government.PM Modi

promised an open business environment,

predictable tax regime and to remove

“remaining uncertainties” as President

Barack Obama raised issues of trade barriers

and intellectual property while seeking ease

of doing business in India