List of Important Days

Hello Reader, In this post we are going to share the list of important days. This list is very important for every competitive exams such as SSC Tier I exam, FCI, IBPS PO Clerk RRbs or any other exam. In every competitive exam you come through 1-2 question from the list and the given days are more than sufficient just memories them name and grab 1-2 marks just in 2 seconds.

List of Important Days Date Day
1. 12th January National Youth Day ( Birthday of Swami Vivekanand)
2. 15th January Army Day
3. 24th January National Girl Child Day
4. 25th January National Tourism Day/ voters Day
5. 30th January National Martyrs Day & World anti Leprosy Day
6. 4th February World Cancer Day
7. 28th February National Science Day
8. 8th March International Womens Day
9. 12th March World Kidney Day (Celebrated on 2nd thrusday of March)
10. 15th March International Consumer Day
11. 20th March World Sparrow Day &  International Happiness Day
12. 21st March World Forestry Day
13. 22nd March World Water Day
14. 23rd March World Meterological Day
15. 24th March World T.B Day
16. 2nd April World Autism Day
17. 7th April World Health Day
18. 21st April Civil Service Day
19. 22nd April World Earth Day
20. 24th April Panchayat Divas
21. 1st May International Labour Day
22. 3rd May World Press Freedom Day
23. 11th May National Technology Day
24. 21st May Anti Terrorism  Day ( death date of Rajiv Gandhi)
25. 31st May Anti Tobacco Day / No Smoking Day
26. 5th June World Environment Day
27. 1st  July Doctors Day
28. 11th July National Technology Day
29. 6th August Hiroshima Day
30. 9th August Nagasaki Day
31. 12th August International  Youth Day
32. 29th August National Sports Day
33. 5th September Teachers Day
34. 8th September World literacy Day
35. 14th September Hindi Divas
36. 15th September Engineers Day
37. 16th September Ozone Day
38. 2nd October International non-violence Day
39. 8th October Air force Day
40. 9th October World Post Day
41. 24th October United nation Day
42. 17th November Students Day
43. 18th November Adults Day
44. 19th November Citizen Day
45. 27th November National Law Day
46. 1st December AIDS Day
47. 4th December Navy Day
48. 10th December Human Rights Day
49. 14th December National Energy Conservation Day
50. 22nd December National Mathematics Day
51. 24th December National Consumer Rights Day
52. 25th December Good Governance Day (Birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpai)
53. 21st June International  Yoga Day

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