GK Quiz : 14 -15 March 2016

Daily GK Quiz

Hello Readers, In this post we will going to share GK Quiz : 14-15 March 2016.This GK quiz is made in the focus of the upcoming IBPS exams and other important state level Exams.These Test will be very fruitful for  IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC LDC, SBI PO ,SBI clerical and other state and center level exams.Make it your habit as they will be very good for the preparation of aspirants.

Q.1 Which two countries have launched a joint mission to the Mars?
a. Europe & Russia
b. Russia & France
c. Europe & Italy
d. France & Italy

Q.2 What is the India’s first sound film?
a. Blam Ara
b. Alam Ara
c. Choupal
d. Sarasvati chandra

Q.3 ICICI bank has tied up with sports car maker——–to launch co-starred credit card.
a. Lotus
b. TATA Motors
c. Hyundai Motors
d. Ferrari

Q.4 Who was awarded with the best ODI batting performance 2015?
a. AB de Villiers
b. Virat kohli
c. Kane Williamson
d. Steven Smith

Q.5 Which of the following state tourism campaign won the ‘Golden City Gate Award’ ?
a. Gujarat
b. Kerala
c. Haryana
d. Goa

Q.6 Who is the Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare?
a. Dr. Harshwardhan
b. Ram vilas Paswan
c. Anant Kumar
d. J P Nadda

Q.7 Commonwealth Day is observed on which day?
a. March 14
b. April 14
c. May 14
d. June 14

Q.8 On September 4,who will be made a saint of the Romans Catholic Church?
a. Alva Myrdal
b. Jane Addams
c. Mother Teresa
d. Mairead Corrigan

Q.9 Who has been appointed as a Vice Chancellor of the university Canberra?
a. Stephen Parker
b. H deep Saini
c. Peter Leahy
d. Suman Ryan

Q.10 Who has been elected as a new president of Myanmar?
a. Hain Kyaw
b. Then Sein
c. Myint Swe
d. Nyan Tun

Key : 1.a |2.b |3.d |4.a |5.d |6.d |7.a |8.c |9.b |10.a

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