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1.The Main Focus of the Rig vedic culture was the :
a.Indo gangetic Plains
b.Punjab and Dehli Region
c.Indus Valley
d.The region between Swat and The Indus

2.The most Important reason for dwining forest resources today is
a.Soil Erosion
b.Forest Fire
d.Over Felling

3.During the Time of which Mughal Emperor did the east India Company establish its first factory in India?

4.Which of the following statements about the mughal government is not correct ?
a.It was essentially military in nature
b.It was necessarily a centralized autocracy
c.The emperor  has to obey the islamic traditions
d.The Ministers had no claim to be consulted as a matter of right

5.what was the immediate cause for the launch of Swedeshi Movement ?
a.The Partition of Bengal done by lord curzon
b.The Sentence of 18 Months of rigorous imprisonment imposed on Lokmanya Tilak
c.The arrest and deportation of lala Lajpat Rai and Ajeet Singh and passing of the Punjab Colonisation Bill
d.Death sentence pronounced on the Chapekar Brothers.

6.With Reference to Dehli Sultanate ,Who was the founder of Sayyid Dynasty ?
a.Khizr Khan
b.Mubarak Shah
c.Muhammad Shah
d.Alauddin Ahmed Shah

7.The Daily and annual range of temperature is maximum in the
a.Savana Grasslands
b.Temperature Grasslands
c.Hot Deserts
d.Equitorial Region

8.Which of the following is the longest national highways  in India ?
a.NH 2
b.NH 7
c.NH 8
d.NH 31

9.Which of the following place is famous for the Rail coaches Production ?

10.which of the following is not true about Konkan Railways ?
a.The total length is about 760 km
b.It runs thorugh states such as Karnataka,Goa,Kerala,Maharashtra
c.It is the only rail route that cuts across the western ghat
d.The Konkan Railway is the construction company

11.The Constitution of India does not mention the post of the
a.Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
b.Deputy Prime Minister
c.Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d.Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assemblies

12.when there is majority party in the State legislative assembly the pricipal consideration governing the choice of the Chief Minister by the Governor of the state is the
a.Ability of the person who is most likely to command a stable majority in the house
b.Largest political party in the house
c.The combination of saveral parties as Unit
d.Loyalty and support of the Party members top Their Respective party programmes and Policies

13.The word Socialist has added to the preamble in 1976.what is its main objective ?
a.the state should promote the welfare of the people
b.Eliminate cast based society
c.eliminate Biological/Natural Inequality
d.Eliminate Political Inequalities

14.The Ninth Schedule of constitution of India was added by
a.24th Amendment
b.7th Amendment
c.1st Amendment
d.42nd Amendment

15.The provision of amending the constitutional amendment was given in
a.Part XIX Article 356
b.Part XX Article 356
c.Part XX Article 368
d.Part XIX Article 368

16.The most appropriate measure of country’s economic growth is
b.Net Domestic Product
c.Net National Product
d.Per capita real income

17.Highest per capita income is inversely co related with the proportion of active population engaged in
d.Allof these

18.The system of Budget was introduced in India during the vice-royalty of

19.The basic attribute of the formal organisation is
a.Esteem and prestige
b.Roles and duties
c.Dominance and Supremacy
d.Rules and regulations

20.Indian Railway earns maximum revenue from ?
a.Passenger fare
c.Traffic Tax
d.Passenger Tax

21.how is the pressure cooker works ?
a.Heat cannot escape from the cooker
b.Low Pressure inside the cooker rises the boiling point of water
c.High pressure inside the cooker rises the boiling point of water
d.Steam inside the water makes food to cook with ease

22.Mr.X standing on a rotating platform has his hands lowered.He suddenly outstretched his arms.which of the following statements is correct ?
a.The angular momentum is increased
b.The angular momentum is decreased
c.The angular momentum is remained constant
d.none of these

23.If suddenly the gravitational force of attraction between earth and satellite revolving around it becomes zero,then the satellite will
a.continue to move in its orbit with same velocity
b.move tangentially to the original orbit in the same velocity
c.becomes stationary in its orbit
d.move towards earth

24.why it it difficult to transmit audio signals directly ?
a.a very high antenna is needed for their propagation
b.Audio signals have a very high frequency
c.Audio signals cant propagate alone
d.Audio signals cant propagate through air

25.A car is moving with high velocity when it takes a turn,A force acts on it outwardly because of
a.centrifugal force
b.centripetal force
c.gravitational force
d.all of the above

1.b |2.d |3.b |4.c |5.a |6.a |7.c |8.b |9.b |10.d |

11.b |12.a |13.a |14.c |15.c |16.d |17.d |18.a |

19.d |20.b |21.c |22.c |23.b |24.a |25.b | 

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