26-27 March 2016 Current Affairs Quiz

Daily GK Quiz

Hello Readers, In this post we will going to share 26-27 March 2016 Current Affairs Quiz .This GK quiz is made in the focus of the upcoming IBPS exams and other important state level Exams.These Test will be very fruitful for  IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC LDC, SBI PO ,SBI clerical and other state and center level exams.Make it your habit as they will be very good for the preparation of aspirants.These GK Quiz will be very helpful for SBI clerk Exam.

  1. Which of the following two nations has topped the list of leading nations in the investment in Renewable energy.
    a. India and USA
    b. India and Brazil
    c. India and France
    d. India and China
  2. Rotavirus Vaccine has been launched by Health Minister JP Nadda as a part of Universal Immunization Program (UIP).Rotavirus is the cause of …
    a. Cholera Among Children
    b. Typhoid Among Children
    c. Diarrhea Among Children
    d. None of the above
  3. Which of the following plants has the ability to cure cancer ?
    a. Mint
    b. Ginger
    c. Garlic
    d. Rose
  4. Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited has commissioned………………….Coal based Thermal Plant in Telangana.
    a. 1000 MW
    b. 700 MW
    c. 600 MW
    d. 500 MW
  5. Garry Shadling was associated with which of the following Profession ?
    a. Comedian
    b. Actor
    c. Cricketer
    d. Footballer
  6. How many people have surrendered the LPG Subsidy in India ?
    a. 1 Crore
    b. 85 Lakh
    c. 90 Lakh
    d. 95 Lakh
  7. Which of the following countries has started their own Stock Exchange recently ?
    a. Nepal
    b. Bhutan
    c. Myanmar
    d. Bangladesh
  8. National Arogya Fair Took Place in
    a. Goa
    b. Haryana
    c. Uttar Pradesh
    d. Telangana
  9. Which of the following states has launched the scheme of Adapting homes for differently abled person?
    a. Punjab
    b. Bihar
    c. Maharashtra
    d. Haryana
  10. Who has been selected as an Adviser on Human Rights and other Business Enterprises ?
    a.Surya Deva
    b. Arun Prakash
    c. Sanjay Biswas
    d. Arun Pathak
Key : 1.d |2.c |3.a |4.c |5.a |6.b |7.c |8.a |9.d |10.a

please comment with your scores below :)

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